Pizza wars 2020! Last week a New Jersey Government twitter account called the Garden State the Pizza Capital of the World and now according to FOX 61, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont says Connecticut is the Pizza Capital of the World. Lamont posted this to his Twitter account on Friday.

Here's what is being missed here is the "big picture" as usual and missed by CT Governor Ned "The Head" Lamont. In the "big picture" New York will chime in and make their case and it's going to be a tough argument against New York winning. I know about Frank Pepe's and the New Haven history and I love the pizza but New York has Lombardi's which is known for being the first pizza place in America opening it's doors in 1905, 20 years before Frank Pepe's.

Ned just says things and doesn't bother to think which is actually a great trait if you host a show like mine but not a super awesome quality if you are the Governor of CT.

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