I saw a brilliant patch of bright yellow seeping out of the ground while I was taking my dog for a walk around the radio station in Brookfield this morning. At first, I thought it looked like a thousand tiny daffodils all clustered together, but the closer I got, I realized that it's something that I've never seen before.

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The plant has a texture kind of like cauliflower, or broccoli, except it's screaming yellow. It seems as if it's slowly overtaking a small area of shade in the mulch underneath one of our trees on the property. I downloaded the Plant Identify app and it has given me around 6-7 possibilities, none of which I'm extremely confident in. So, I turn to the experts, botanists of Brookfield, I need your help identifying a plant that is growing in our town.

Hello Botanists of Brookfield, What is This Bright, Yellow, Broccoli-Like Plant?

I saw a bright, yellow plant blooming underneath one of the trees here at the radio station in Brookfield. My plant identifier app didn't really help, so, I'm asking the botanists of Brookfield for your help. What the hell is this?

According to my Plant Identification app, the yellow plant is one of two things: Yarrow/ Milfoil/Nosebleed, or a Linchen. I don't think it's a Linchen, but it looks really close to a Yarrow/Nosebleed from the photos. Can you help us identify it?

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