According to two drunk women, one naked engaged in a fight earlier this month (Sept 19th). Police were dispatched to the University Heights area in Cleveland after receiving calls of two drunk women fighting. Authorities say the two unnamed women in their 20's were intoxicated and both had superficial injuries.

The women were both given a summons and the incident led the police to a man inside the home that had felony warrants for kidnapping. The man, also in his twenties was arrested.

I miss everything, why wasn't I in Cleveland on September 19? No matter where awesome news breaks, I am somewhere else. Maybe that's what comes from refusing to leave your house on the weekend. It's tough to be in Cleveland or anywhere else for that matter if you refuse to go even three blocks from your front door.

On the other hand, I don't really need to see a lady fight, even if one of them was nude. Some men will tell you watching women fight is "hot." As a person who has seen women fight, I'm here to tell you different. It's the opposite of hot and they make faces and noises that are downright unpleasant.

September 19 would have been a great day to play the "Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism" song. This clip contains un-beeped profanity and is seriously funny.

Can't we all just get along? The answer is no by the way, we cannot and that's mostly due to no even trying. We've all given up attempting to be nice to one another.

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