According to the Orlando Sentinel (Florida, you say?) three hundred plus people were removed from a flight leaving Orlando and bound for London after someone made a comment about a bomb.

The report states that three people were involved in a fight over seating arrangements when one of them made a remark about a bomb on board the plane. All the passengers were then removed from the flight and three people were taken into custody and questioned by authorities.

If you had ANY lingering questions about whether you can use the word "bomb" on a plane let me help you out, you cannot. You cannot say "bomb" on an airplane. Your argument over a seat is not important enough, your joke is not funny, the word "bomb" ruins everyone's European vacation in seconds.

Also DO NOT be like my wife Erica. Erica is a "go with the flow" type. My wife thinks everything is fine and everything will work out. This is a great mentality for life in general but does not work during air travel.


We (Erica and I) were taking a trip for a wedding in Florida once (Florida, you say?) and she decided she wanted to have some adult beverages on the plane and did not wanna pay too much. She bought a bunch of tiny vodka bottles and duct taped them together in her bag.

IN THE SECURITY LINE she decides to take this duct taped ball of booze out of her bag to sort them and remove the tape. Somehow she got away with this and was able to bring her "Spring Break" haul of shots onto the plane. I was sweating from anxiety the whole time.

Once we got on the plane I remarked to her how uncomfortable and fearful she just made me. This is when she said, "It's not like I brought a bomb on the plane." This is when I "shooshed" her face off and said you cannot say "bomb" on a plane. This is when she said to me "Why can't I say bomb on a plane?" There we were, on a plane saying "bomb" over and over again. I have never been more anxious in my life.

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