It was not all that long ago at all, but seems like a century ago now. I happened to find myself on both sides of these border battles over the years. There were a bunch of rules that made up "CT Blue Laws." One rule that sticks out was that no booze was allowed to be sold on Sundays in Connecticut:

I grew up in NY, and lived there most of my adult life. When I was living in NY, I hated the Connecticut riff-raff clogging up our hooch lines. Then, I moved to Connecticut and I WAS now that guy. Every Sunday, I'd get amnesia out of nowhere, and forget the sauce was unavailable, and I'd have to trek to NY. It was some real Civil War s--t. Every Sunday, brother against brother, pushing and shovin' at the packy. It would be all:

"HEY! I was here first!"

"Nah, you weren't!"

"Back off me sugar face!"

I'm glad this is in the rear view mirror. Do you have a Connecticut Blue Law story? Share it with us now, fancy foot.

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