It's a who done it for the ages. What is the crime? Who is the criminal? Who is the victim? What was the motive? Will they get away with it? Not if I have anything to say about it, that is for sure. I am putting our crack team of Ethan and Lou listeners on the job. That's you. It's like we are in the movie Clue.

So what bloody crime would be likely to occur on the radio station grounds? Who among the staff is ready to snap like a rubber band? That is the question at hand. For all my bluster I'm not a violent guy. I do threaten to burn the building down almost everyday because I love fire. I have never followed through for good reasons. Those reason include but are not limited to I would get caught and I am too damn pretty for prison.

When I posed the question what crime is most likely to happen at the radio station on my personal Facebook, here is what I got:

  • Arron - "It could be jam, someone murdered a donut."
  • Russel - "That is really creepy."
  • John - "He was in a white Ford Bronco headed South on Rte. 37."
  • Todd - "If the glove does not fit, you must acquit."
  • Chris - "I'm pretty sure video killed the radio star."

So what do you think happened? Send us your best guess.

DISCLAIMER - No one was hurt, nothing happened. They are gloves left outside by construction guys that have been here recently. They are red gloves and the dye is fading. 

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