What would you do if you spotted a black bear out for a walk with its cubs on a hiking trail?

The Tarrywile Park Facebook page recently posted a report of a black bear citing on one of its trails. The mama bear and her three cubs were spotted on the orange trail over at Mountainville Road.

If you ever find yourself in a hiker-meets-bear-situation, you've got some quick decisions to make depending on where you are in proximity to how far away the bear(s) is. Here are some guidelines from the Tarrywile Park website.

  • Make your presence known by making noise and waving your arms.
  • If you're hiking with your dog, make sure it's on a leash.
  • If you surprise a bear, back away slowly. It does not want to play with you.
  • Don't even think about a video or taking a selfie.
  • Don't run or climb a tree because they now think you're a threat.
  • Black bears rarely attack humans BUT if they do approach you, make more noise, wave your arms. If a black bear should attack, DO NOT PLAY DEAD. Go on the offensive by throwing things or using a tool and going after the bear's nose or mouth.

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