Get ready to eat Connecticut, it's outdoor event and fair season, especially you in Litchfield County. During the first week of June, the Goshen Stampede is happening, and one of the best baked potato events in all of Connecticut is coming back too.

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The Famous Idaho Potato Tour is coming to Zach and Lou's Barbeque on Winsted Road in Torrington Wednesday, June 5, 2024, from 11AM to 6PM. What can you expect? It's not just a giant fake potato, they actually bring in beautiful potatoes from Iowa, and Zach and Lou's turn them into masterpieces by covering them with their delicious ideas and food. I took my Chihuahua to last year's event, here is what you can expect.

Grab the Butter & Forks, Big Spud is Coming Back to Connecticut

If you like giant baked potatoes, and can't wait for the Maine building at The Big E, a very tasty event featuring a four-ton potato is coming back to Torrington, Connecticut in June 2024

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