To play along with this game you will need to be a grown up an Google it. FUPA is an acronym for words, one of which is a "bad word." You may never have thought you would read about. I, myself was shocked to read about Beyonce's thoughts on the FUPA this morning in The Independent. 

While discussing her body image for the September edition of "Vogue" Beyonce had this to say “But right now, my little FUPA and I feel like we are meant to be." THIS IS NOT ALL SHE SAID but it has drawn the most attention.

Now the article I read changes the acronym either to keep things as "clean" as possible or the people at Vogue and The Independent don't actually know what it REALLY stands for. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say Beyonce does not know what it means either.

It's also very possible she knows exactly what it means and she is so desperate to stay relevant she will say or do anything. There are, of course people who want to hold a parade for her now because she was "brave" enough to talk about it.

I'm all in on being "body positive" and people celebrating who they are but I don't need to know about everyone's everything. The FUPA used to be a reference that was always good for a laugh when carefully placed. It's the kind of thing you look over both shoulders before saying. Now, it's fodder at the nail salon, coffee shop, water cooler, etc.

WHATEVER MAN. I feel like I am taking "crazy pills." Sometimes l feel like I was put in cryo-freeze or suspended animation only to wake up in the future where all my friends are dead and and Denis Leary lives underneath Taco Bell with a gang of revolutionaries who turn out to be the good guys.


FUPA, so hot right now.



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