Have you ever had your social media account hacked? Got a friend suggestion of yourself? It's an awful feeling, and it happens to everyone, even local banks. I'm a  Thomaston Savings Bank customer, and they've just sent out an alert warning their customers to be aware that they've recently had someone attempting to duplicate their official profile on Facebook.

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First and foremost, it's 2023, and even if there's a blue check mark on whatever verified social media account there is, I will never provide any kind of personal information online. Be like me. According to the official Thomaston Savings Bank Facebook account, there has reportedly been an attempt to duplicate the official account. The statement from Thomaston Savings bank goes on to state that they will never reach out to their customers via their personal profiles or ask for any kind of sensitive information through comments on photos or posts.

At this moment, Thomaston Savings Bank has asked us customers to not engage with anyone claiming to be Thomaston Savings Bank on our shared posts or photos, and to report those posted comments immediately. If you've had any recent interaction, or any concerns or questions Thomaston Savings bank has requested that you reach out through their official customer service channels, which are: thomastonsavingsbank.com, 860-283-1874, or 855-344-1874.

I'll follow up their official statement by adding that you should see a red flag go up if any local bank likes your photo of the craft beer cooler at The Market CT - Bantam, and instead of asking what IPA that is, they ask for you annual income. Immediately skeptical, that's the way to operate online in 2023.

My Favorite Art Gallery is The Market-Bantam Craft Beer Cooler

I have to hand it to you craft beer makers of Connecticut, you use such beautiful artwork on your cans. My wife and I wandered into the awesome craft beer cooler at The Market-Bantam the other night, and spent about 15 minutes appreciating the 38 degree art gallery.

The Many Faces of 545 Main Street in Watertown, Connecticut

The first restaurant that I remember being in that beautiful old bank building was Heminway's, then it passed through quite a few hands. Remember some of these great, and not so great identities of 545 Main Street in Watertown over the past 30 years?

Let's See Your Connecticut Name Tag Collection

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