My wife works in retail, and for the past 2 years, she's noticed a steady uptick in shoplifting. It used to be every other day she'd find an empty, ripped up container that formerly held a product. Now? Multiple times a day and she has to endure organized thefts weekly, if not more often. The Target on Stony Hill Road in Bethel seems to be under siege.

Retail clerks are, for the most part, forbidden to try and stop the theft from happening. My wife's company tells employees to just let the person go and then review cameras for a good shot of the suspect and call the police.

The Bethel Police Department released a few photos of persons of interest that they would like to ask a few questions to, in regards to two separate incidents at the Target located at 7 Stony Hill Road.

Bethel PD

On Friday, October 22, 2021, a larceny was reported at the Bethel Target, and Bethel Police have released the above photo in hopes that you can help identify this individual. If you know him, or anything about the Larceny incident, Officer Freeman of the Bethel PD would like to talk with you. Call him at 203-744-7900 - Ext. 601.

Earlier that same week, on Monday, October 18, another incident occurred at Bethel Target. Bethel PD has released the photo above and the photo below in hopes that you can help identify them.

Bethel PD

If you recognize any of the individuals in the photos, contact Officer Freeman of the Bethel PD at 203-744- 7900 - Ext. 601.

I'm amazed that some of these major retailers that sell higher-end electronics, haven't invested a portion of their resources into the installation of higher-quality HD cameras.

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If you consider yourself a breakfast sandwich connoisseur, you know that a bad one will really upset you, so getting the right deli or breakfast spot is what matters most. Most breakfast sandwich extremists know exactly where they are going when they are hungry in the morning and they have their favorite spot. They'll travel out of there way to get there if necessary and it will be worth every extra second.

Maybe you don't have a favorite, or your preference isn't in business anymore, maybe you are new to the Danbury area and if so, you came to the right place. I found a pretty comprehensive list of some of the Danbury areas best places for a breakfast sandwich and It just happened to be on the Danbury, CT Reddit page.

If you are looking to have someone blow smoke up your a--, there are plenty of websites where you can get that. If you want honest, harsh and critical reviews, go to Reddit. If you find a positive review on Reddit, it's because the place they are recommending is very good at what they do.

Someone just like you (u/JansportStrings) was is search of breakfast on Sunday and posted: "Best Breakfast Sandwiches/Delis in the Area?" Below are the delis/eateries they selected.

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