First responders from the town of Bethel were able to quickly locate two lost children with the help of a local resident.

According to a social media post from Bethel Fire & EMS, the two children were on a known local trail when they entered the area of the Old Quarry Nature Preserve. At that point, the kids became "disoriented and wandered off the trail."

One of the children reportedly called to notify local emergency personnel, which allowed for the public safety dispatcher to ping that particular phone and track where the call came from.

From there, a local resident reportedly heard the children shouting out loud and they were able to be located within a short period of time, as a fire crew walked the children safely out of the woods..

In the statement, Bethel Fire & EMS said they "would like to thank all the local residents who helped our search efforts. Units on the scene were Rescue 1, Utility 1 with the EUV, Ambulance 1, Engine 5, and Car 1."

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