Yesterday, when the Giants and 49ers took the field, it was the first time in the Super Bowl era for two teams to meet this late in the season with one combined win. The win in question belonged to the Giants. The Giants lost to the 0-9 San Francisco 49ers 31-21.

How does Tom Coughlin look now? Any of you Giants fans miss him?

This is the worst the NY Giants have been in a long time. It's one thing to have 1 win going into yesterday's game, but to be man (or woman) handled by the worst team in football is an embarrassment.

In the end, I do not care all that much. I'm a Raiders fan, so I obviously have my own problems. My issue is that I refuse to spend the ridiculous money you have to pay to watch "your team." If you are a fan of an out of market team, you know what I am talking about. This means I am stuck watching the Giants and Jets. It would be nice to see a quality product on the field, maybe see some entertaining games.

Mcadoo should be fired. He should be fired this morning. Will this wake the team up? I don't know, probably not. At least it would show your fan base that you care and this is unacceptable. This, however, is NY where the manager of the Yankees gets fired after taking his team a game shy of the World Series, so who knows? Maybe they will give Mcadoo a contract extension today? Who's to say?

Here is what Mcadoo had to say after the game at the pres conference:

Alright, a tough ball game for me to take. We knew we were going to face a hungry, young football team today. We had some fight in us and it got away from us in the end. It’s important for us to realize, and I’ve talked to the team about, that every play and every game and every phase is so important in each and every game, and it got away from us today. We need to go take a long hard look at the tape, at the game, make sure we get everything corrected and be honest with each other. But give the Niners credit. They outplayed us today. They out coached me today.

You had some fight, did ya? Alright, if I were a Giants fan today those would be the words to send me right over the deep end:

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