One of the most famous movie lines of all times if from Clemenza in The Godfather - "Leave the gun, take the Cannoli". The Sicillian pastry dessert is near and dear to most of us of Italian-American descent. Ben & Jerry's used to make Holy Cannoli ice cream, but it was relegated to their "Flavor Graveyard" over 20 years ago, 1998 to be exact. Mrs. Large and I made a quick stop into the Stop & Shop on Straits turnpike in Watertown over the weekend, and as we were cruising through the frozen isle, she froze, so to speak, and said "Oh my Gahhhh". There it was, the flavor that we remembered, almost.

Photo by Mrs. Large
Photo by Mrs. Large

Although they dropped the "Holy", this was almost the old favorite "Holy Cannoli" right there in front of us. The other differences from the classic is the flavor of the ice cream itself, it's now Mascarpone ice cream instead of Ricotta and Pistachio ice cream. They left out the pistachio nuts also. I can tell you from the official taste test, it's pretty damn good, and if you weren't a pistachio fan of the original flavor, this one will hit you in the taste buds.

My ice cream allegiance still hasn't been shaken though, my favorite of the past couple of years or so has been anything that Arethusa produces. Their ice cream is absolutely incredible, and a close second would be Rich FarmBen & Jerry's Cannoli is a limited-edition Fan Favorite re-release, so grab one out of your grocery freezer before they disappear into the graveyard again.

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