Justice League is in theaters and thank God for that. It means that I will stop seeing ads for it soon. I sat through a lot of ads for this movie on Youtube while searching for rumor videos about "The Last Jedi."

My fan profile goes like this. I'm a big Batman guy. I say that knowing that there are "bigger Batman guys." I am not a crazed comic person. I had some as a kid, even read a few. I liked them but was not obsessed. I prefer DC to Marvel. The rationale behind that is DC boasts the two greatest comic heroes, Batman and Superman in that order.

After Batman and Superman, DC has a huge drop off in character quality as opposed to Marvel in my opinion but who cares. I have consumed every Batman film again and again since the Michael Keaton days.

I think Keaton was best and Christian Bale was a close second. I did not like Clooney of course, Kilmer was OK. Some of the movies were bad, some good and the Bale and Keaton movies were great.

I do not believe Affleck as Batman. I know that sentence is ridiculous but again who cares. He is #notmybatman. I refused to watch Batman v. Superman because I do not like versus movies. Then I heard the movie was not good. Then Affleck handled people calling it bad, poorly.

He just was not the right choice to me to play this iconic character. Now the Justice League movie is in theaters on the heels of positive response from the Wonder Woman movie and again, I don't care. I will not see this movie and you should not. The sooner we end this current version of the Batman stories, the sooner we get to the next, hopefully good one.

The trailer looks too much like a cartoon, I want to see darkness in the Batman world, not bright colors and Ben Affleck in the middle. I know you do not care what I am saying unless you agree. So if you do agree join my #notmybatman campaign. We will improve the world in 0 ways and no one will listen.

P.S. Again, I'm calling this my campaign although it already exists.

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