It's all fun and games until the beer spills. Let's see how the Danbury Titans perform during a little game we're calling Beer Hockey Relay.

We are gearing up and getting excited for Hat City On Tap, March 25 at the Danbury Ice Arena. So, we thought why not head to the ice and ask for some help from the amazing Danbury Titans hockey team to get the ball, I mean puck -- actually, I mean, the beer glass -- rolling! My job is so much fun, check it out:

Craft beer fanatics, the time is almost here for your taste buds to rejoice. Hat City On Tap is March 25. You can choose from general admission or VIP tickets for the event.

Thanks to the Danbury Titans for not knocking me on my ass! You can get information about the team at and on Facebook at Danbury Titans

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