Male Model, David E. Byers - Photo Credit - Michael Stokes on

Mr. Muscles, tattooed, strikingly good-looking, and every girl's dream guy is going to the big house for 7 plus years.

According to an article in the, David E. Byers, a California cover model for romance novels had been a bad boy. According to court documents, Byers committed five robberies, all in April 2017, two in New York and three in Greenwich.

How he alluded police until he was captured reads like a an action movie script. After police found him in a luxury hotel, he escaped by driving a stolen car over a curb and going airborne. Driving down I-95 South, he pulled over and bailed out of his car and ran across three lanes of traffic. Police went from house-to-house in Old Greenwich with the help of helicopters and police dogs but he was gone.

Male Model, David E. Byers - Photo Credit - Michael Stokes from

Police eventually found his car in Pennsylvania with a pit bull inside. He then stole a pickup truck, popped on stolen Maryland plates and got away again. Eventually, he was captured in San Diego. Asked why he decided to rob three different locations in Greenwich, CT., he told police,

"I liked the Greenwich area because I made $18,000 in the past three days."

Byers was just sentenced in Hartford to more than seven years in prison where I'm fairly certain he will find his share of romantic interests.