Being an Oakland Raiders fan has not been an easy experience as far as these things go. The last two years however have been awesome and they are getting better. Marshawn Lynch is coming out of retirement and signing with the Oakland Raiders. He posted this instant classic tweet to announce it to his fans.

I liked this guy when he was with the Seahawks and I love him now. He is all rebellion as a human being. Remember, he is the guy who refused to answer any questions during Super Bowl Media week some years back.

I was critical of it the first day. Then he just kept doing it and it got funnier and funnier. Then he made fun of himself about it in a Skittles commercial.

Then he did the greatest interview in sports history. DISCLAIMER - He says bad words, if that hurts you emotionally, don't watch this video.

And don't forget the guy runs like this.

And this.

There are few running backs left like him in this world. He does not run around you, he does not run past you, he runs through your head and over your face like Earl Campbell and Jim Brown before him.

He is a little long in the tooth for the NFL at 31 and he is coming off retirement but if anyone can pull this off it's Marshawn Lynch. "Beast Mode" goes home to Oakland. The Commitment to Excellence continues. #raidernation #ibleedsilverandblack

I AM OFFICIALLY HYPED, now let's get out their and beat the frighin' Chiefs PLEASE!

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