A small black bear was able to break into a homeowners garage and it was not a happy ending.

According to an article on the Putnam Daily Voice website, at 9:30pm last Sunday a Hudson Valley homeowner in the town of Cornwall was working on a project in his garage. For whatever reason the man walked back into his house and moments later returned to the garage where he heard a growl.

As he turned around, a bear smacked him in the chest which ripped his shirt open and caused deep claw marks. Because the animal appeared to be a small baby bear, the man was able to push the it away and then scrambled into his home to call the police.

According to the Putnam Daily Voice, the man was treated at the scene by the Cornwall Volunteer Ambulance Corps and then driven to St. Luke's Hospital for further examination.

The reason we author so many blogs about bears in our Connecticut communities is to make as many folks aware about how easy it is to prevent bears from hanging around  your neighborhood.

On the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection's website, you'll find their 'Black Bear Fact Sheet' which not only lists some fun facts about the black bear but most importantly lists instructions on what to do to keep to them away from your home.

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