You live in New Milford, and you want to go out for dinner, but maybe some place different this time.

Here's a great idea -- just give New Milford's "Wheel of Restaurants" a spin!

Whoa! I never realized how many different types of restaurants New Milford had to offer. Over the years, maybe your friends and family have labeled you an indecisive weenie.

Playing "Spin the Restaurant Wheel" is a bold and courageous way to let them all know you mean business and you're not afraid to be adventurous and to brave new restaurant worlds!

In the past you've been stuck in that going out to dinner rut, where all you've ever cared about was walking into that same restaurant where you always ordered spaghetti and meat balls with a side salad.

Meat balls. Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Meat balls with s


No more, my friend! Tonight, you will show everyone that you can, in fact, maneuver out of your spaghetti and meatballs comfort zone and dive head first into some braised octopus or a manly pork shank. Don't let your favorite foods push you around anymore, spin that restaurant wheel like you mean it and take charge of your life dammit!

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