I know I should be grateful to have actually had time off over the long weekend, but boy, rotten weather sure can make it feel like it never happened.

All I wanted to do was enjoy my birthday, which was Friday May 26, and the kick off to the three day Memorial Day Weekend. I had visions of me relaxing poolside, cocktail in one hand, hot book in the other, working on my tan. But that bitch, Mother Nature had other plans.

For months on end, I blogged about the moderate to often severe drought that most of Connecticut was experiencing. We all can roll our eyes about that and think eventfully it goes away. Thankfully it has improved considerably in our state, but take a look at parts of California that have been dryer than a popcorn fart for years on end to know that Mother Nature often has different ideas.

While the practical part of my brain says you can't control the weather, the ever hopeful part said a very loud prayer that the skies would be pristine blue, the sun would shine and temperatures would be in the 80's for Memorial Day weekend. Realistically, we all know it's still Spring, but Memorial Day is known as the unofficial start to Summer.

I cry foul. While it wasn't a total wash out, it sure felt more like March than almost June. I'm pretty pissed that my "Richard Gere on the diving board kiss" fantasy remained just that. Oh well, there's always the 4th of July. Maybe Mom Nature will get her act together by then!

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