The Beardsley Zoo proudly announces its latest addition, a baby anteater born July 30 to proud anteater parents, father EO and mama, Pana.

According to an article at, the unnamed male anteater currently weighs in at 9 pounds and will ride on mama's back for the first several months of its life. The two will spend much of their time in seclusion but will appear every so often to the delight of zoo goers. Check out the new baby's dad, EO.

Here are some fun facts about anteaters that you can share around the coffee-pot at work.

  1. Anteaters typically feed on ants and termites.
  2. Anteaters have no teeth and their tongue can extend nearly two feet!
  3. Anteaters have non-retractable curved claws on their front feet which means they walk on their knuckles.
  4. Anteaters have very sticky saliva and their tongues have little hooks that hold their prey on their tongues so they can swallow them.
  5. Their sense of smell is around 40 times better than a human.
  6. Anteaters sleep about 15 hours a day.
  7. Anteaters will normally eat up to 15,000 insects per day.

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