We have a new feature on the Ethan and Lou Show called: "The Place You Live" featuring Mike Allen. Mike is the former I-95 News Director and a skilled communicator. Every Tuesday morning he joins the Ethan and Lou Show to give us a deeper look into the Greater Danbury Area in CT, and parts of Putnam/Dutchess Counties in NY.

On Tuesday mornings show (2/23/21) Mike did a segment we called "The Sweet Spot." In it, he examined the history of Routes 6 and 7 in Connecticut and how these pathways shaped the Greater Danbury area we know and recognize today.

The Rod and Gun Club once called the Danbury Hospital region it's home. For more on Pahquioque's history and the Greater Danbury Area, click below for "The Place You Live."

"The Place You Live" Full Episode - "The Sweet Spot" -  (2/23/21) below

P.S. I did really go to the Wooster Mountain Gun Range with the wrong gun. I got my guns mixed up, what do you want from me? 

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