I hate those weird loud noises that you can't pin down. I heard it, so something big must have occurred, right? Oh God, did I dream that boom? You know when it happens. That weird, strange and or loud noise that you heard but can't find. Something happened somewhere in the house, but I'll be damned if I can locate the spot. I hate when that happens, so I can only imagine how these folks felt.

In a story from nbcconnecticut.com, Southington Police have not been able to determine the cause of an explosion that led to about 40 calls to 911. They say the blast was heard by a lot of residents in the southwest portion of Southington and when police searched the area, they didn't turn up any evidence of an explosion.

To add to the freakishness of it, police said they didn't get any reports of power outages, damage, or smoke. Southington officials also consulted with nearby departments in Cheshire and Wolcott, which also received calls from people hearing an loud boom, but turned up nothing. Officials also checked with local energy companies and came up empty.

Obviously, a noise loud enough to rouse that many people and cause enough concern to call 911 had to come from somewhere. I mean we're not talking a car backfiring here. It's not like the golf ball that rolled off the high shelf in my home office and hid under the desk, so it took me forever to find it, and realize it was the culprit for the last mysterious house noise.

Hopefully this mystery will be solved soon.

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