Some of my relatives live in Lancaster County outside of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, and they would always bring Amish food here to Connecticut when they came to visit.

I grew from Medium Dave to Large Dave eating Amish potato chips and the incredible chicken from this place named Gerber Amish Farms that they brought up from the area. I've grown up to respect the Amish way of life and the dedication that the Amish have to maintaining their traditions. I've seen Amish furniture in a bunch of locations around here, but Amish food is tough to come by. I never see Gerber Amish Farms chicken, but that's about to change.

I saw an article from the that Fairfield, Connecticut is going to get an authentic Amish fried chicken restaurant. Lovebird is a group of three fried chicken restaurants in three different Pennsylvania cities: Newtown, Doylestown, and the always mispronounced and misspelled Bryn Mawr.

They've just announced through their social media that they are expanding outside of Pennsylvania for the first time ever, into Connecticut, and opening up their fourth restaurant at 2385 Black Rock Turnpike in Fairfield.


Here's a Google street view of the future location of the Fairfield Lovebird, it's a little strip mall along the Black Rock Turnpike, and it's going to smell like cooking bird around there pretty soon.

Lovebird uses Gerber Amish Farms chicken and they produce some of the best chicken that I've ever had. The menu at Lovebird looks simple - Fried Chicken, Chicken Sandwiches, Popcorn Chicken, a couple of Salads and Bowls, a few sides and that's it. Simple, flavorful food. I can't wait to try it when they open.

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