Attention all of you backyard gardeners out there in Connecticut and New York now is the perfect time to have your soil tested for optimal garden growing conditions. I am sure all professional botanists are already well aware that Fall is the best time to do a soil test.

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Connecticut Public Radio says that Fall is the best time to test your soil because, for whatever reason, you get the most accurate reading. Family Handyman and a couple of other places back up that information and also say the Spring time is a good time as well, so I guess if you skip it now, you can do it then. Anyway, a soil test according to CPR is inexpensive and will give you a good idea of what you have to work with.

William Mattson on Unsplash
William Mattson on Unsplash

A soil test will reveal the pH, organic matter, and nutrients that exist in your prized patch of growing space. You can get a simple home test or there are places that can do it for you like the University of Connecticut Soil Lab in Storrs. For a fee, the analysis you get will include levels of phosphorous, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and other nutrients and the pH. The soil testing instructions are right here and they will help break down where to take the samples for the lawn areas you are working in from vegetable gardens to your trees.

For more articles written by this guy, you can tap or click right here, including one about whether or not it is legal to have a backyard campfire in Connecticut. Thanks for hanging out with me and see you all again real soon.

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