Ashley Madison is world-famous for its in your face style and marketing. This is a website that promotes cheating and they make no apologies for it. Recently, AM put out their annual non-monogamy glossary of terms. I received a copy of this from their PR people and replied back asking for a guest for the I-95 Morning Show. They got back to us right away and put us in touch with someone right at the top, the Chief Strategy Officer Paul Keable.

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We'll get to the cheating dictionary but first I want to share what we learned from their Chief Strategy Officer Paul Keable. We spoke to CSO Paul on Friday (4/5/24). We had a lot of questions but we were most interested in Ashley Madison's presence in Connecticut.

What do your stats say about Connecticut users?

Paul: "What I do know is that if you're in Connecticut, we've seen a bit of a bump usually around July and August and that doesn't surprise me because we're based up here in Toronto, Canada so our weather isn't all that different. You only get a few months of really good weather where you can get out, get outside the house and do some extracurricular activities. So, Connecticut people are looking to sign up at a higher rate in the hot summer months compared to the rest of the year. Just so you know, Monday is the highest day for signups on Ashley Madison in Connecticut, 20% higher than the average. What's happening there is people have spent one more weekend at home, not getting what they want, be frustrated and they go into the office and they sit down at their computer and they go. You know what, I'm going to make a choice for myself and they sign up with us. It's amazing, I think there are a lot of people in a lot of different markets that come to us. We're in fifty-plus countries around the world but each little market has its own unique story as to what is happening behind the scenes and Connecticut is no different.``

How about some things that may surprise us...


Paul: "We're up to about 20% of our members that are in non-monogamous relationships that would not be classified as adultery. Meaning, their partners are aware if not actually involved in the extra curricular activities. I think that is a growing trend across Western civilization, people see that monogamy is not necessarily the default relationship style that fits for them. If you talk to the experts, non-monogamy is female led because they now have more options and choices. As we get closer to equality from a financial standpoint, we're not totally there but we are pretty close compared to 50-60 years ago. Women are saying hey, I've got options. If you're not delivering on my needs totally then I'm going to look elsewhere. It doesn't mean I am going to leave you but let's talk about it and let's be honest. Go look in the mirror guys, I'm 50 years old, women usually have an easier time getting a date than guys do. That is why I think non-monogamy, whether it's polyamory, open-relationships, a whole host of different options, is more than likely going to be female led as we go forward."

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Ashley Madison Stat Recap

  • Ashley Madison has more than 80 million members worldwide since 2002.
  • Ashley Madison is available in 45 countries and 16 languages.
  • The months of July and August trend highest in terms of Ashley Madison signups in Connecticut (15% higher than average)
  • Monday is the most popular day of the week when it comes to Ashley Madison signups in Connecticut (19% higher than average)
  • Experts say non-monogamy is female led

Basically, don't let your partner out of your sight on a Monday in July here in the Nutmeg State.

Ashley Madison reveals latest new non-monogamy dating terms

  • Auto-erect: using Chat GPT during sexting.
  • Call of Booty: playing juvenile dating games.
  • Covalent Bond: experiencing stronger energy to an affair partner when the affair is not disclosed.
  • Kenning: the act of men learning that monogamy isn’t the default relationship style for the modern woman.
  • Fireside Fling: someone you connect with to get through the darkest/coldest days of winter.
  • Freewheeling: engaging in non-monogamous sexual or romantic experiences without guilt or shame.
  • Game of Tones: assigning unique ringtones to your affair partners.
  • Ghostercoaster: an experience with a romantic partner who disappears and reappears intermittently.
  • Hush Haven: a favorite discreet spot to carry out an affair.
  • Mapping: the careful and deliberate art of crafting a date with your affair partner that is outside the monogamy boundaries of your marriage.
  • RendezTwo: a couple having an ongoing arrangement with another couple.
  • Scandovellian: referring to a reality where cheaters are villainized, while the people who are cheated on benefit from the affair.
Ashley Madison Poster Pokes Fun At Celebrities
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You can listen to our entire discussion with Paul Keable below.

Part 1 - We learn about Ashley Madison's CT users and what it's like to work there. 

Part 2 - We asked Paul if he uses the site and learned some brand new non-monogamy dating terms. 

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