Will an armed school security officer be able to stop a gunman whose goal is to kill as many students and teachers as possible?

The answer is simply, "We don't know." But shouldn't something be done? Should we arm the teachers? How about building a bullet-proof wall around every school? I certainly don't have the answer about how we can stop innocent children and adult school staff from being gunned down.

According to the NewsTimes, the town of Redding will be adding the services of a Resource Officer for the school year 2018/2019 but in the interim, the Redding school board has made the decision to station a Redding Police officer inside Joel Barlow High School to add a layer of safety until the resource officer comes on board. What are the responsibilities of an SRO?

  1. Law enforcement officer
  2. Law related counselors and law related educators that build relationships with students
  3. Investigate allegations of criminal incidents and make referrals of students to juvenile authorities when necessary

As a parent of a school age child or teenager, what would you suggest be done to keep your child safe?

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