I would eat my guts out if I threw away or lost what turned out to be a winning lottery ticket, wouldn't you?

I guess if you lose something or mistakenly throw it away, you might not truly know the value of it. To the person who's about to miss out on a fair amount of money, I'll say, ignorance is bliss. You can't miss what you didn't know you had in the first place.

However, I'm here to give you a huge shout out of info that might just jar your memory.

The Connecticut Lottery is trying to rattle someone's memory with this piece of information from their website:

The CT Lottery is still waiting for the $100,000 top prize winning ticket holder to step forward and claim their prize for the Cash5 drawing held on December 9, 2016. The winning ticket was sold in Fairfield County. The winner has only until Wednesday, June 7, 2017 to claim their $100,000 top prize before their ticket expires.

The Cash5 winning numbers drawn on December 9, 2016 were: 2-3-4-27-28.

So if you, or someone you know, happened to be in one of the 24 towns in Fairfield County on Dec. 9 of 2016, plunking down some cash for the dream of a lottery win, pass this on to them. That dream, and $100,000 is about to slip through someone's fingers, on June 7 to be exact.

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