Movie theaters have slowly reopened their doors across Connecticut over the past month. AMC, the nation's largest owners of movie theaters, re-opened a couple of their Connecticut locations in Danbury and Waterbury. Riverview 8 in Southbury also recently opened up for business again on Friday, August 21, 2020. Just this past weekend, another theater chain with a couple of Connecticut locations has announced that they're going to reopen this week. Apple Cinemas owns movie theaters in a few Connecticut cities and towns, and they're going to reopen their Waterbury and Simsbury theaters for business again this Thursday September 3, 2020.

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As part of their opening week festivities, Apple Cinemas is advertising that they are going to offer a free regular popcorn to front-line workers. In addition to the Waterbury and Simsbury movie theaters opening, Apple Cinemas is also opening up their Cambridge, Massachusetts theaters this Thursday. Apple also owns movie theaters in Barkhamsted, Torrington, and Hartford, Connecticut, but they will not be reopening until October according to the Apple Cinema website. As far as what movies are going to be available in theaters this week, the pickings are pretty slim, the new Christopher Nolan thriller, Tenet, is the main draw, and  the fantasy flick, The New Mutants, is secondary, plus there are a slew of classic films being shown to fill out the current slate, including a director's cut of Rocky 4, and another all-time classic, Dirty Dancing. It's 1987 all over again, it seems.

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