According to TMZ, Conor McGregor has found himself back in the spotlight, it's an alleged bar brawl this time. The Irish Mirror says Conor was in the Marble Arch pub on Saturday. Reportedly another patron thought McGregor was acting like a jerk and approached him.

The article says the bar patron started smack talking McGregor referencing the Khabib Nurmagomedov fight saying "The Russian battered you." TMZ claims they reached out to Irish authorities on the matter and they said, "No arrests, matter under investigation."

Conor's post retirement plans are certainly coming into focus. Some guys go to the broadcast booth, other's will become trainers and some just lay low. Conor seems to want to be accused of crimes going forward.

I love Conor, I will always love Conor but you can't whack civilians in the dome (allegedly) when you are a word class fighter. On the other hand, you have to be a Grade A, douche faced, moron to get in a pro fighter's face.


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