A group of anti-circumcision protesters calling themselves 'intactivists' hit the streets of Stamford on Tuesday, Aug.7.

According to an article in the NewsTimes, the protesters who are a part of a non-profit group called the 'Bloodstained Men' were in Stamford to protest male genital mutilation. The motto for this group is, "Vote NO On Child Circumcision" The group believes that procedures like circumcision are not necessary and destructive and that men should have a choice when it comes to the procedure.

I don't know about you guys but every time the word 'circumcision' is mentioned, I get an uncomfortable twinge down in the groin-u-lar area. Both of my boys were circumcised by a mohel as is customary in Judaism for the last 5,000 years. The mohel is expertly trained to perform the brit milah. (Jewish Circumcision) The individual who holds the infant during the circumcision is called the sandek.

The anti-circumcision protesters are advocating that this procedure should only be done on consenting adults, not infants. As the group was protesting in the streets of Stamford, one man slowly drove by while pumping his fists and yelling:

"I'm circumcised and I love it!"

After writing about the snipping of the penis, I could use a bit of comic relief right now so I invite you to check out this YouTube video by Australian comedian, Jim Jeffries regarding the anti-circumcision movement.

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