Macy’s at the Danbury Fair Mall warns your info may have been exposed to cyber criminals. Data from thousands of the store’s online customers was exposed to hackers according to CBS Money Watch and several other sources.

Customers’ full names were accessed, with their credit card numbers accompanied by the cards’ expiration dates. This hack happened over the duration of approximately six weeks time starting at the end of April this year ending in the first week of June. Logins and passwords for the Macy’s and Bloomingdales websites allowed criminals to view users personal info on the two sites.

A Macy's spokesperson told CBS:

We are aware of a data security incident involving a small number of our customers…We have investigated the matter thoroughly, addressed the cause and, as a precaution, have implemented additional security measures.

Affected customers have been alerted and offered consumer protection services free of charge according to Macy’s. The best thing to do is change your password to their site as soon as possible even if you weren't impacted.

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