What's wrong with pleasing dwindling groups of devoted fans? A food product that's been around for 60 years? Really Good Humor? You couldn't have axed Chocolate Eclair instead?

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Over the weekend, I heard that Good Humor has done away with their Toasted Almond ice cream bars for good. It's true. According to cnn.com, ice cream giant Good Humor has announced that they've eliminated Toasted Almond ice cream bars from their lineup, and it was a "necessary but unfortunate" move that Good Humor needed to do to update their "product portfolio to reflect consumer preferences."

CNN's article continues with a statement from Good Humor - "We apologize to our customers that may be disappointed by this news, and while we do not have a current plan to bring back this product, we are excited to continue to offer our customers a wide variety of treats available in stores and ice cream trucks." Ahhhh, the 'Bait & Switch' ehhh Good Humor? Well, if you're jumping in your vehicle right now to hunt a Toasted Almond down before they're gone, slow down.

I already did. Good Humor Toasted Almond has already disappeared from the stores that I visited. After reading the news, I went to 4 places in Torrington Saturday afternoon. I didn't find them at the Big Y or Market 32, or at the Dollar General in Torrington Plaza and Cumberland Farms on S. Main St.

2023 has been a bad year, first they killed Ronzoni Pastina pasta, and now Toasted Almond? Already, the online price gouging has begun, but you can show your love by getting these decals on Amazon.com, they would look good on your bumper. This would be a perfect time for Coca Cola to try to mess with their original formula again.

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