It's hot dog season!

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According to Google Trends, Americans consume 7 billion hot dogs between Memorial Day and Labor Day. When a swollen number like that makes its way to the public, it's followed by additional information you could never need to know.

Information like the "most unique hot dog internet searches" in each state and there are some weird ones. In CT, we are right at the top of the weirdo heap. What are residents of the Nutmeg State searching for the most? The answer is "Hot Dog Jello."

Google Trends
Google Trends

New York's unique hot dog search is "Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs", and New Jersey's was "Italian Hot Dogs." What do you find when you search Hot Dog Jello? These are some of the top answers:

A 2019 Reddit post that features a picture of something called "Hot Dog Jello Salad."

Then, there was a recipe from Taste Made for "Jellied Bouillon with Frankfurters." Apparently, this was a popular dish in the 1950's. The ingredients include: 10 hot dogs, 3 hard-boiled eggs and two tablespoons of unflavored gelatin.

There was also a Youtube video from our friend "The Vulgar Chef" who tried this Jello Hot Dog nightmare.

Finally, there is a website called "Wide Open Spaces" that says you can create catfish bait using hot dog Jello. W.O.S. says "while catfish will take a wide a variety of baits, this secret for creating your own catfish bait with ingredients easily found on the shelves of your local grocer is not only cleaner and inexpensive, but it produces results." 

If you try this hot dog Jello concoction, you're an adventurous person at minimum. I'm not into it bro. This sounds like a textural hell-scape and I want no part of it. I think Hot Dog Jello is what the pollywog from Stranger Things eats. So, if you want to be a pollywog, get wild but don't do it near me.

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