For my money, far too many of us spend way too much time looking down at our phones rather than up. Even if there is not something unusual, the sky always has something to offer that is more worthwhile than what is on your device.

But whether I am looking up at the sky or down at my dreaded phone, I'm always searching for the same thing, U.F.O.'s.

Alleged UFO Images from All Over CT

These folks claim to have spotted UFO's in the sky over CT. Some are a downright jokes, others are hard to explain away and a few will give you the chills.

There are videos for each one of the images you saw below.

Orange Ball of Light in Danbury

Tornado Structure

Skater Fake in Milford - This one is as fake as the day is long. WARNING - Language

Blinking Ball 1

Swirls Over CT

Go Fast CT in Stamford

Magnificent Lights Over Norwalk

Alien Invasion Danbury - Obviously very, very fake 

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