Can you smell it in the air? The aroma of Funnel Cakes, Sausage & Peppers, Hickory-smoked meats, and Nashville Hot Chicken Pizza? There is one fall fair to rule them all around these parts, and it's called The Big E, and they've just announced all of the new foods that will be at the 2023 extravaganza.

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Just 10 miles North or so of Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, stands the Eastern States Exposition fairgrounds, and from September 15 - October 1, 2023, The Big E is happening. Last year, over 1.6 million New Englanders made it to our part of world's Superfair. It's miles and miles of every agricultural, carnival, arts&crafts, and entertainment option in one place, but obviously the highlight is the food.

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loading... has just announced that for 2023 seven new food vendors will be selling their gastronomic delights to the hungry crowd. Bacon Bomb will sell their bacon-wrapped BBQ burger, while Waffleicious will be offering stuffed waffles on a stick. Look out for the Empanadas from Dolly's Honky Tonk, and you might want to try Top of the Crust's Nashville Hot Chicken Pizza. Luann's Bakery will be offering shots of frosting, while the Calabrese Market pops fresh Kettle Corn right in front of you. Ferrindino Maple rounds out the new offerings with a variety of Maple items like a Maple Bacon Hot Dog and Maple Lattes.

All of your old favorites will be returning for 2023 too, including those beautiful brats from Wurst Haus, Poutine from White Hut, The incredible Big E Cream Puffs, and the potato flights from Sassy's Catering. I'm going off my ozempic right now.

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