You have to give them credit for staying in Fairfield County, Connecticut, but the largest restaurant operator in the world has just announced that they are moving their corporate headquarters, again.

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Subway has just announced that they will be moving out of their Milford world headquarters next spring and bringing the world's greatest footlong operation to nearby Shelton. According to, the move will occur sometime in spring 2023. The new Subway HQ will be located in the thriving Shelton business district on Corporate Drive, near the intersections of Progress and Progress.

I'm sure Subway execs are thrilled with the move, trading their former neighbors in Milford - The Milford Ice Pavilion and Kennedy Elementary School, in for Shelton's Market Place Kitchen, Bruegger's Bagels, and the Bic Corporation. In fact, according to, the possibilities of a better work environment for Subway employees in the Shelton business district was a contributing factor to the move.

It's physically a move 10 miles to the northwest, but Subway has called Milford home for almost 50 years. Subway got its start in Bridgeport in 1965, started franchising with a Wallingford location in 1974, and as of last June, operates 41,600 independently-owned locations in 104 countries and territories.

Amsterdam, Brisbane, Beirut, Singapore, Miami, and Shelton, as of Spring 2023 anyway. There will be a lot of "Eat Fresh Refresh" bumper stickers in their signature green, white and yellow chugging off Exit 12 on Route 8 over the next 8 months. Congratulations Shelton, you will be home to the biggest restaurant operator in the world soon. Your town motto should change to "Eat Fresh, and Flick that Bic".

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