A local adult easter egg hunt sounds like a fun event for normal Connecticut people, but I am not normal.

If you will be in the Stonington, CT area on April 20, you are in for a treat. You can be a part of the Adult Easter Egg Hunt at The Beer’d Brewing Co. going from 1-5pm. The Brewery is located at 22 Bayview Avenue in Stonington, CT. If the idea of hunting for eggs with a beer in your hand is not enough to get you out, they have some great giveaways like:

  • $25 Gift Card to The Beer’d Brewing Co.
  • 4-pack of any beer available on Saturday
  • Beer’d Glassware
  • Tickets to any movie at Mystic Luxury Cinemas (*Passes Valid Only For Available Seating*)

Now that is all well and good, but I forecast potential problems so I can be prepared at all times for the worst case scenario. My wife says I am a grump and that I can always find the negative in any fun event. Well, "ya gotta be you," so if that's the case, away we go:

  • Booze and adult competition don't mix. Think Royal Rumble, only without the world class athleticism, training and technique. Just random strangers in North Face hoodies, bitch slapping each other in the face. Happy Easter, you filthy animal.
  • If you have a 401k, you should not be in an Easter Egg hunt. I think that's actually in The Bible.
  • The rules say one egg per attendee. There is NO WAY THIS RULE IS NOT BROKEN WITHIN 15 SECONDS BY NINETY PERCENT OF ATTENDEES! ( Back to my calm voice): I need everyone to get real please.
  • If an adult actually runs to find their eggs when they say to start the Easter Egg hunt, they should leave immediately. That person hats bats in the belfry and your life is in danger.

But yeah, for sure, if you are not crazy like me and you want to go have fun at what seems to be a fun time for normal adults, you should go to this thing.

Do me a solid -- take video of the start of the egg hunt. Someone will fall and I need to see it. Happy Easter.

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