Remember when former Miami Dolphins kicker Ray Finkle escaped from "Shady Acres" Mental Hospital?


If you do, you likely remember that Finkle went on to pretend to be Lois Einhorn with an elaborate plan to kill Dan Marino.

Yeah, so this Jets press conference to introduce Adam Gase as the new Head Football Coach of the Jets reminded me of that. What I want to know is, what facility did Gase escape from before getting the Dolphins job and eventually the Jets job?

Adam Gase just got a high profile, head coaching job in the NFL, this should be a day of joy. Instead, he looks like a serial killer, anxiously trying to remember if he locked the dungeon door.

This dude is Lloyd Braun and he needs a handler like Cosmo Kramer if he's gonna make it in this town.

Not Crazy!


  • Name - Adam Gase
  • Age - 40 
  • Work History - Failed Miami Dolphins Head Coach 
  • Special Skills/Accomplishments - Yellow belt - Karate
  • Interests/Hobbies - Typewriter repair, duct tape enthusiast & reading books about human anatomy. 

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