This scene of horror was unfolding not too far from my home for years. It's so hard to believe that a serial killer was in our midst.

I've driven past the strip mall that backs up to an area which became the ultimate nightmare for five women and one man. I also drove past the wooded area that abuts an exit near where I live with obviously no clue as to what an unhinged human was doing there. Years later, Connecticut would sadly have a notorious serial killer, and the bodies of his victims would all be found buried in that wooded area.

The story broke wide open back in 2015 when the first of the bones would be discovered. Now, the events that lead up to the heinous acts come full circle.

In a story from, William Devin Howell pleaded guilty on Friday, September 8, to the murder of five women and a man in 2003. Howell will get six life sentences as part of a plea deal with prosecutors. Howell will be sentenced to a maximum of 360 years when he is sentenced on Nov. 17.

May the families and loved ones of all of his six victims finally find some peace and closure. And may Diane Cusack, Joyvaline Martinez, Mary Jane Menard, Danny Lee Whistnant, Melanie Ruth Camilini and Marilyn Mendez Gonzalez finally Rest in Peace.

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