The Yankees swept a double header against the Rays yesterday extending their lead in the American League East to eight games over the second plays Rays and pushing the Sox even further in the rear view mirror, at ten games out.

The double header sweep was important because the Yankees only have two more games with the Rays this year. It was not what the players did or said yesterday that has to excite Yankees fans but what Manager Aaron Boone did and said that will ignite a never-ending fire in his players and fans alike.

Here's Boone protecting his players. He was tossed for sure but it was so worth it.

My guys are f------ savages in that box!!!!!!!

Boone has done it again! Few people have had the moments Aaron Boone has had in pinstripes. He's not one of the all time great Yankees and to be fair, not even a Hall of Fame caliber guy for his playing career. He is however, a man whose made Yankee Stadium shake to the point of weakening the buildings structural integrity.

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