I can't survive without it. Coffee makes me human! You might want to think twice though before drinking from your office coffee mug. On this National Coffee Day I have a PSA for you.

It's National Coffee Day and I'd rejoice if it weren't for how disgusting it is around the workplace. I have the need to warn you about yet another office hazard.

In a story just published by fortune.com experts say up to 90% of our office place coffee mugs are loaded with germs. The culprit? Those nasty, smelly, office place kitchen sponge that hardly ever gets changed out.

I just threw up a bit in my mouth! Apparently hundreds of bacterial strains have been identified, including E. coli, lurking and multiplying in that sponge. Researchers suggest taking your mug home each night and putting it through your dishwasher.

I suggest that someone in the workplace toss the sponge in the dishwasher (if there is one) put the coffee mugs in too and get sanitizing. Just stay away from my mug, and nip stash! And don't tell the boss on me either.

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