There's a seasonal attraction in Southeastern Connecticut that rivals it's nearby gargantuan neighbors Foxwoods & Mohegan Sun's beauty. It's a pick-you-own Tulip Farm, and it's stunning.

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The Governor of Connecticut Ned Lamont thinks so too, he just posted a photo of himself on his social media during a recent visit to Wicked Tulips Flower Farm. They have two locations, one at 382 Route 164 in Preston, Connecticut, and another in Exeter, Rhode Island. Governor Lamont visited the Preston Farm, which is located within a couple of miles of both Connecticut casinos.

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Get going if you'd like to visit and pick your own beautiful tulips, farm visits only happen a few weeks each year, and this is the last Peak Bloom weekend of 2022, according to the Bloom Report at The Exeter, RI Farm has already closed for the season.

What can you expect? First, tickets are only sold online at There's a limited number of entries, and they do sell out. For the price of each Adult ticket, you can walk among 75 varieties of tulips, and pick out 10 stems of your own to take home with you. Here's a video that Wicked Tulips just posted to YouTube two days ago-

Doesn't that look and sound magical? There are also a couple of special events this weekend which are billed as Yoga & Movement in the Tulips, which include an instructed class, in an incredible setting, and the added bonus is 10 pick-your-owns after you crush Downward-Facing Dog.

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