I read a survey on Tuesday that said 42% of Americans have had an "career light-bulb" moment during the pandemic. Most of the people surveyed realized they were not doing what they wanted to be doing professionally.

I had my own "career light-bulb" moment this year, I wasn't doing enough of what I love. Being half of the Ethan and Lou Show is not my job, it's my career, it's my true passion in life.

Before the pandemic hit, I worked hard and I worked a lot but since then, I've bordered on what most people would refer to as a workaholic. This means I am in the I-95 studio from before sunup to well after sundown some days.

I started thinking that the environment I am sitting in should at least be one I'm super comfortable in and that is when the redecorating started. I wanted the studio to reflect the history of the radio station, our interests and our collective national pride.

I know that what I have created would be considered a massive turn off to most sane people and would make an interior decorator vomit in their mouth. I don't care because interior decorators and sane people don't work in here. It's Ethan, myself, Dave, Joey and Bill and we do what we want.

This is the environment we kick the Ethan and Lou Show from everyday.

A Look Inside the I-95 Studio

Haters are gonna hate and skaters are gonna skate.

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