For years, the corner of Straits Turnpike (Rt. 63) and Park Road/Park Road Ext. in Middlebury sat undisturbed. There were commercial real estate signs up for years along that land, especially after the Middlebury Edge development was built. That's all changed over the past year, and if you haven't been through the area lately, you're going to be shocked at what they've built over the past couple of months. I stooped on my way into work and snapped some current photos, and I've also included images of the same area from Google Maps for comparison.

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I live right around the corner in Waterbury by Western Hills Golf Course off of Park Road, so I've seen the destruction/construction every day for months now. You can actually see Tracy's Pond clearly from Park Road now, and there are a couple of really big commercial buildings that have risen from the freshly cleared ground.

A Look at the Massive Changes on Straights Turnpike in Middlebury

No wonder it's been a banner year for homeless insects, rodents, and other small animals in our neighborhood, right?

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Depending upon the individual, CT could be great, it could suck, it could be pretty, it could be a dump. There are a wide variety of things people could take into consideration to develop an opinion on the Nutmeg or Constitution State (CT Is both). However, there are certain identifying markers that set the state apart from the rest of the country. There are things you cannot help but notice in Connecticut. A Reddit user asked others to "Say they are from Connecticut without saying it." These are some of the great answers people came up with. 

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