Turns out it's true, another legendary restaurant has permanently shut down in Waterbury. The bright side? I met the new owner and he let me in for one last look at the house that Joe and Mrs. G built.

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I saw a post on social media stating that The Grotto Restaurant and Mrs. G's at 634 Watertown Avenue in Waterbury had a dumpster in front, and a chain across the driveway. Grotto frozen pasta and jarred sauces are still sold at grocery stores all over Connecticut.

Photo by Large Dave
Photo by Large Dave


Start hoarding, it's over. At least from Watertown Avenue. I met the new owner of the property, Rich Grace, who took time out of his incredibly busy day to fill me in on what's coming. Rich and his wife purchased the restaurant and property months ago, but up until recently, Joe and Mrs. G have been taking their time gathering up the decades of items that overstuffed the property. Rich and his family are finally in, working 20 hour days trying to get to the bottom of the remaining piles. What will the new space be? Grace hinted at a couple possibilities, and I can tell you that it's not the return of Morcey's, or a weed shop. We'll all know more very soon. Thanks to Rich, here's one last look around the wonderful space that kept us full for decades.

A Last Look Inside Waterbury's The Grotto & Mrs. G's

The Grotto Restaurant & Mrs. G's Gift Baskets at 634 Watertown Avenue in Waterbury is disappearing into our memories. I just stopped by and met the new owner of the building, and he graciously let me walk around and take a few last photos before the rebuilding process really begins.

Gallery Credit: Large Dave

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