Kaeden Griffin is a sixth grader from Tennessee with an extremely creative mind. Kaeden set out to determine how many surfaces in your home your cat's butt hole touches. He did the experiment as a science project and of course, the results went viral.

Kaeden applied non-toxic lipstick to his cat's (plural) anuses and then waited. After some time had gone by, he looked around the house to see where the cats had left a mark. He found out the following:

  • Cats with medium to long hair didn't make any contact with surfaces of varying softness or hardness.
  • Cats with short hair left marks on most of the soft surfaces like beds and couches but not on hard surfaces.

Basically, if you have a short haired cat and a very plush home, there is cat butt hole contact as far as the eye can see. Otherwise, you are all good.

I've been very consistent when it comes to my feelings about cats, I don't like them. On the Ethan and Lou Show I shared some of the reasons Thursday (4/22/21)

What it boils down to is I have feelings for all animals but I like cats the least. In my opinion, they are lazy and a bit nasty but there is no arguing with their popularity in America. I'm confident in saying that every fourth picture on social media features a cat doing cat things.

I just prefer dogs over cats. But, traditional domesticated animals, in general are not my favorite. These are my favorite animals ranked 1-5:

1 - Monkeys

2 - Other monkeys

3 - Goats

4 - Pigs

5 - Sugar Gliders

Basically, if you are not a monkey or a goat you can get out of my face.

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