According to the NY Post, an AirAsia flight became seriously unpleasant when the plane plummeted 22,000 feet due to a drop in cabin pressure. The flight became even more not-so-awesome when the flight attendants aboard started screaming in fear. Watch the mayhem:

The flight and its passengers are completely fine, the plane landed safely, but the flight attendants need to lower the main, Skid Row. YOU are the trained professionals, let's act like this is not our first rodeo.

This is why every movie about natural disasters features a scene where the Government hides information from the public and everyone in charge pretends like things are cool. Panic from the top leads to mutant-like panic on the bottom.

Top 5 things I would have done, had I been on this flight:

5 - Turned to my wife and said, "We had a good run."

4 - Urinated in my pantaloons.

3 - Pulled the oxygen mask too hard and ripped it out of the ceiling.

2 - Started explaining to my wife what character from Lost I will be most like when we are stranded on our new island home. BTW - Sawyer all day.

1 - Yelled, "Fire!" This is my wife's favorite move at parties and social gatherings, but it's killer material and I want to go out on a laugh.

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