Cannabis is now legal to consume for adults 21 or over here in Connecticut. We're on the cusp of seeing a proliferation of cannabis-related products, distributors, stores, and growers open up in the very near future. It's an exciting time, never in my life did I think that Marijuana AND sports betting would be legalized. But, here we are in 2021.

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When vaporized nicotine products became a thing, smoke shops started appearing in every town. Oh, the old Taco Bell? It's called Smoke Rings now, and they have 45 flavors of E-juice. The new stores also typically have a few hand pipes, rolling papers, and a few cheap bongs in stock also.

While it's nice to be able to pick up a pack of screens or a cheap pipe down the street, for us seasoned veterans, it's great to walk into an authentic, old-school Head Shop. One that smells like a box of Nag Champa collided with a bottle of Patchouli. Where the salesperson behind the counter knows what you need to fully enjoy that Live Resin.

Photo by Large "Dank" Dave
Photo by Large "Dank" Dave

It's ok now to say the words Weed, Marijuana, Herb, and Bongs when you walk into a head shop here in Connecticut. (Thank you John and Matt from Grassy Plain Smoke). With the legalization of Cannabis, you don't have to dance around the shop owner's liabilities anymore. For most of my life, I had to 'pretend' that the 3 foot Graffix bong I wanted to purchase was going to be used for 'tobacco'.

I've been to a lot of them, so I've gathered up a list of a dozen Head Shops here in CT that I've personally been to over the years. In all of them, I didn't feel rushed, or misinformed, before and after making a purchase. If you're new to the wonderful world of Cannabis and the related products you need to enjoy, or you're an old, salty veteran like me, here's my choices for the kindest head shops in Connecticut.

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